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Pic Series - Battlezone UR - Dissassembly/Repair :.

(Update 18. June 2005)

The following pictures  show the dissassembly and repair of a Battlezone Upright. Removal of all parts was necessary for moving it easier downstairs into our Game Room. Also it makes cleaning and repair more comfortable when I have the items on my workbench and not inside a cabinet.

Operator Panel

1. Parted out for
easier transport.
Step is missing.

2. Bezel is in nice
3. The lighting, a
'normal' plus a
'blacklight' tube
4. Parts: Monitor,
Op-Panel, PCBs,
P.S., X-fer, Bezel

5. Operator Panel

6. The various
7. The 19" b/w
XY Monitor.
8. The cab inside
from the rear
9. PCB's on my
10. A first picture
after repair

11. Looks nice,or?
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