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(Update 19. September 2009)

The following pictures  show the dissassembly of a Star Wars Cockpit from Atari  (1983). The final goal is to rebuild the Cabinet where it is necessary.

Operator Panel

1. Still intact with
all electronics
2. Cab without monitor,
bezel and electronics
3. Rear view, the
marquee is
4. Damaged Corner
with Roller
5. Cabinet on the
side for easier

6. Under 'pilot
seat'. Very dirty.
7. Loose baseplate with
the roller(s)
8. The bottom
is removed
9. Rear right side
panel removed
10. Can you see the
dirt? It was

11. Dissassembly
is completed. Just
a pile of boards.
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Rebuild (started 19. Sep. 2009)

The rebuild of the cabinet started on the 19. September 2009. Goal is to completely rebuild the cabinet.

12. This is the
shopping list
for the wood
12. Starting with the base.
This is water resistant
plywood ~3/4" / 19mm.
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