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(Update 24. May 2018)

News Archive

7. May 2012
SEGA Indy 500 for 120 Eur (SOLD) - see on my Trade/Wanted page

6. Mar. 2011 - SLAM II by Mirco Games (1975tbc) and Mueter CRT Rejuvenators

Winter Time calls for a small project that can be managed inside the (warm) house. Please read here about the repair & restoration of SLAM II by Mirco Games (1975 -tbc), a 4 player tennis b/w game.

Mueter Rejuvenators - This was a well known brand in Germany for rejuvenators and other electronic testequipment. Find User Manuals, Schematics and Tube lists scanned by 'Carpcatcher' in section 'Repair'.

20. Sep. 2010
Wow, time flys. Recently decided to trade/sell some driving simulators (Indy 500, Namco Cyber Cycles, Sega Cool Riders), have a look here. All machines are located close to Munich/Germany.

5. Oct. 2009
The Star Wars Cockpit Rebuild/Restore is moving forward. Astonishing news and progress due to several reproductions becoming available, eg Star Wars Cockpit Artwork, Yoke rebuld kit etc. The wood parts have been almost completed as well.

31. Jan. 2009
A rare occurance of an Asteroids Cocktail Restoration here in Germany (in german from "Bobby the Bear").

21. Dec. 2008
A brand new picture tube A63AAX00X for my Star Wars Cockpit Project has arrived, the last missing piece for the game electronics.

30. Nov. 2008

Black Widow from Atari has been added. This is a quite rare machine over here in Europe. See the picture on the right.
2nd additon for Today: Armor Attack by Cinematronics with complete picture series.

23. Nov. 2008
A larger update for my Trade / Sell / Wanted page. Lots of Vector PCB's and Classic Raster PCB's.
A small update for Red Baron Cockpit version, there is a new pictures series. Very interesting is also a report about a Red Baron prototype for the upright cab.  Read the full article on www.rotheblog.com. The new owner is Francis Mariani at www.ataricade.com.

18. May 2008

Thanks to 'Level 42' from the BYOAC forum. He scanned the schematics and user manual for the Meteor by HOEI. See here for "Meteor - All Info"  or directly download the complete "User Manual (6MByte) including schematics"

12. April 2008
Impressions/Pictures from One More Time 2008, the only south German Juke Box and Coin-Op exhibition/fair.

5. Feb. 2008
This was a long search, but finally it showed up here in Germany.... the Upright Cabinet "METEOR" by HOEI, an Asteroids Clone. More pictures are here, at the end of the overview.  The Upright has an LAI XY Monitor installed. Unfortunately there is no sideart attached.

10. Dec. 2007
The Major Havoc page is finished.
The Upright version of TakeOff (German RipOff Clone) has been found
The Wall Cab of Meteor from adp (German Asteroids Clone) has been found

27. Okt. 2007
An update to my Trade / Wanted page .

20. Okt. 2007
The page for Gravitar is ready.

22. Sep. 2007
A couple of pages for Cinematronics/Vectorbeam gameas have been finished:
"Warrior" A genious fighting game in vector technologie.
"SPACE WAR(S)" - Both versions, Cinematronics and Vectorbeam
Restoration of my Starhawk continues: New pictures and a video with sounds (9Mbyte) here:  "Starhawk Project".
31. August 2007
Five months since my last update.... a tribute to my real work. But see here how the restoration of my Starhawk continues with rebuilding the cab "Starhawk Project".

10. March 2007
Update in Section "Universal Cabs / Monitors". This is for the German/European Reader :-)
I am more than happy to upload / Scan more european universal cabs/monitor documentation.
Just contact me  via the "Contact" link.

28. January 2007
A Trade / Wanted Section added. I am offering some PCB's and other stuff.

15. December 2006
New page for Meteor (Hoei) Cocktail and PCB and Monitor (Meteor assumed to be from HOEI)

23. September 2006
Another important section is ready -> All Vector Monitors ---> Enjoy!!!

7. Juli 2006

2. June 2006
New page for Atari's Space Duel with pictures for the rare Cocktail Version of Space Duel

7. May 2005
Only a few updates, a complete new page about TAKE-OFF, a Rip Off clone of Video Games GmbH from Lich (Germany).  In addition Asteroide, an Asteroids Clone by Maxenti from Italy and TAC/SCAN from Sega/Gremlin.

25. February 2006
Acquired the January 18. 1982 Time Magazine with an article "GRONK! FLASH! ZAP! - Video Games Are Blitzing the World".  Games mentioned are Defender, Missile Command, Asteroids, Pleiades and PacMan. Magazine is available upon request. A query has been made to the TIME magazine about publishing it here, but two months w/o any response.

28. January 2006
Most of the site content is now available in both english and german. A new Asteroids clone named "Hyperspace" was found by André Vossen. It is not yet clear wether the PCB contains un-mame'd ROMS.

15. January 2006
The new year and some days off gave me time to continue working. The page of "All Vector Games" is now available in German. Additionally I have worked on the page of german Standard or Universal Cabs. New schematics are also online for the Hantarex MTC900 und MTC9300. On the left changed pages are in Light Green.

31. December 2005
The Asterock page has been updated with Pictures from Alessio Minotto and Schematics, scanned by Simon Hanlon ( www.hanlon.info )

18. December 2005
The section Vector Arcade Games was updated. See the new sections:
26 . November 2005
Updated the page "All Vector Games" with recently found bootlegs of Asteroids (Asteroide from Sidam / Italy), RipOff (TakeOff from Video Games GmbH Lich / Germany and Space Pirate from Zaccaria ). Also the Asteroids page was heavily changed with new pictures and other infos.

7. November 2005
Have you missed the Arcade Event from 4.- 6. November 2005 in Worms/Germany with more than 40 Arcade Machines?

Pictures (courtesy of  Oliver ...) will be here shortly just click..
If  you are interested on the next Arcade Event event, use the contact form.

9. October  2005
My Starhawk (from Vectorbeam 1978) is back to life!!!

See the story of a 1978 Starhawk being revived  or  have a look at all of my  "Projects".

22. September 2005
Some Updates on the Link Collection.

13. August 2005
I have listed some of my spares, especially RAMS, EPROMS and PROMS.
See "Electronics / Parts" under ".: General Arcade Infof :."
If needed, I can help out with them.
!! This is not a business, so only to help a collector !!

30. July 2005
Two Low-Res Videos from Andree Vossen's Arcade Collection in Germany are available for Download (no longer ... ).
A suitable viewer is  Quicktime (here).
The videos were taken in July 2005 on the 500day - meeting of the ArcadeZentrum.De members.
  • Video #1 (1.6Mbyte)
  • Video #2 (2.6Mbyte)
24. July 2005
A new section for Technical Info is added under General Arcade Info.
The first things in there are details of some german "Universal" cabinets like
  • Europlay
  • Quadro Games
  • TV- Ideal
  • Hellomat
  • Monitors from Valvo and Hantarex
If you have more of German Documents for Arcade Cabs, let me know, I'll gladly put theme here with reference to your name/web site.

24. June 2005
The first page in German....index_d.html or simply click on the flag in the upper right corner
Die erste Seite auf Deutsch....index_d.html oder einfach auf die deutsche Flagge gaaanz rechts oben clicken.

18. June 2005
A Project Page of recreating Gallag Blue schematics and other Gallaga Info (Rom Hacks etc) is new on the "My Projects" page.

16. June 2005
New Webpage is ONLINE

5. June 2005
My two machines Starhawk & Eliminator from the U.S. (www.coinopwarehouse.com) arrived safely. For a first impression see "My Arcade Collection"

30. April 2005
A new design of my Homepage is being started including a banner that is comprised of a vector-like font and well-known figures from vector games. Do you know all of them. Contact me. Thanks to TOBU ( www.arcadeinfo.de ) for his creative idea for the new banner :-) .

28. March 2005
Started a page with an overview of all ever released and prototyped Vector Games in a cabinet. See the link on the left side named "All Vector Games". Still pretty much "Under Construction"...
14. Mar 05
Bought two fascinating vector machines, Starhawk (b/w vector by Cinematronics) and Eliminator (color vector by Sega/Gremlin) in the U.S. after I found a way to get them shipped for a reasonable price to Germany. The only picture I have so far is from the sellers web page (www.coinopwarehouse.com) and it shows the machines in their current condition which is described as "good, complete and non-working". Let's see ;)

18. February 2005
Was visiting the Arcade Forum Meeting of www.arcadezentrum.de in Worms & Karlsruhe (Germany). Fotos of this event are to be found here (no longer): http://www.arcadezentrum.com/gallery/. The meeting started on Friday, when we visited André Vossens Collection of Machines. On Saturday morning we made a visit to alpha-electronic, an Operators Warehouse and finally drove to Karlsruhe where we visited the Retrogames e.V., a collectors show of about 40 Arcade Machines (Asteroids, Frogger, Missile Command, Xybots, Outrun 2 sitdown & more) plus pinballs (Adams Family..), all playable for a nominal fee. Had a great time !!!

15. February 2005
Working as Admin now for the German Arcade Forum  www.arcadeinfo.de. I am seriously thinking about making a german language version of my web page here now.

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