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(Update 24. May 2018)

SLAM II Table (MIRCO GAMES) - Restore at 95%
Current status as of  14. March 2011

This is built in 1975 (tbc) by MIRCO GAMES in Phoenix/Arizona. Actually there is little information from the Internet, just two people looking for schematics, which I don't have either. The units were built in 1975 per the Arcade Flyers Archive (picture on right side) but I have a version II, which may be built later. Its a Pong like b/w game for up to four players and paddles can be moved across the screen in vertical and horizontal direction. There are three play modes : AM(ateur), PR(ofessional) and against the 'Computer'. In AM(ateur) mode the paddles are twice as large as in PR(ofessional) mode.

I have received two such machines as a gift and will try to get one working. The Monitor is a 19" b/w from MOTOROLA M5010-155 which supplies the +5V for the PCB's and also features an Audio Amplifier. The game logic is spread across two PCB's (1011-3700 and 1011-3701) and ihas ~120 TTL IC's plus some resistors/capacitors and transistors, there is no CPU however. PCB's are connected via two flat cables, a larger one for logic information and a smaller one for +5V/GND supply. Inputs to the PCBs are +5V/GND, analog controls, coinswitch, mode switch, start switch. Outputs are Video Signal, free game LED, coin door illumination and unamplified sound.

Question: What is this for a kind of chip?
Its output is a square wave, with duty cycle changing per the analog controls/potentiometer.
Please click here if you know!!!

19. February 2011 - Repairing PCB's

When switching on the two games, neither did work - no sound, no video. Decided to check the PCB's first rather than the monitors and so put them on my bench, with the empty cabinet and its controls/wiring harness nearby (right picture), so I could easily plug it into the PCBs. Connected power from a switching PS, just +5V needed - easy. The first PCB set behaved as expected, nothing worked. For the second one I was able to find an output signal at one of the connectors, that looked like a Video signal and indeed, a playfield showed on the monitor - but no ball. In the meantime both PCB sets doe show a ball and paddles, after a handfull of defective TTL chips identified and replaced. Still some more problems to solve as the Balls doesn't rebounce from paddles or playfield sides and only two paddles showing on one PCB set. Continuing my work here ....

26. February 2011 - Capturing Schematics

As a side work I have started to capture the schematics, focussing on the areas where I see wrong levels of signals. See the 'Links' section below to find the current status of the 3700 and 3701 PCB schematics.

6. March 2011  - It works! We're 95%done, folks

Today we managed to get one of two PCB sets working. All four paddles have now collision detection. So now lets take a look at the monitor. As already noticed, the HV transformer had the clamp for the ferrite core broken, so the two halves of the ferrite were loose. In the meantime I had bought 4 brass rods from EBAY, 2.5mm diameter and 300mm long and made a new clamp from that by bending it into a U-shape and adding two M2.5mm threads at the ends. The monitor also supplies +5V to the PCB's, which was flat at 4.6V and could not be adjusted. After some measuring I replaced what was a µA741 Op-Amp (Motorola designation was T3F -> weird!). Lastly a pot on the Audio Amp was defective, easy one.  

Moved the whole stuff upstairs and put all back into the Cab, after giving it a good cleaning. To be done :
  • Paint the large foot (cast iron)
  • Add a lock
  • Replace the turn knob for game difficulty selection
  • And : Do the second machine :)
For all who are interested, I have uploaded a video, see link section just hereafter.

14. March 2011 - New Info, this is SLAM II

Thnaks to my friend Laschek, who found a Mirco Games Flyer, this seems to be SLAM II (not SLAM) with the Mode Select Switch and Start Pushbutton on top of the game. See his scan here.

SLAM II Service Manual - includes Motorola M5010-155 and M7010-155 schematics
PCB3700-top, PCB3700-bottom, PCB3701-top, PCB3701-bottom - pictures of the two games PCBs
IC types used and their placement
Schematics 3700 and 3701 as PDF - Current version of Schematics being captured, this is work-in-progress
Video of SLAM II (Mirco Games) game working NEW!!!
Flyer from Mirco Games - see bottom right for SLAM II picture NEW!!!

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