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(Update 24. May 2018)

SEGA / Gremlin Vector Games

Sega built only a few Color Vector Games from "Space Fury" in 1981 until "Zektor" in 1982. The Uprights could easily converted from one to another game at "about half of the cost of a conventional game" as SEGA claimed. The system was called convert-a-game. Drawback was the lack of an attractive sideart in most cases. Beside the standard Upright, Cocktail versions exist for Eliminator (2 and 4 player) and TacScan. A Sitdown exists for Startrek. Startrek also sold as upgrade kit for a variety of other classics including Asteroids....

Today all of these are scarce at least here in Europe. One must have much luck to find such a game on EBAY or locally. Even if you find one, the prices are very high. Most operators know in the meantime what specialties they have. 

This page and the following will show you all of the information I have collected over time.

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Space Fury
  Sega/Gremlin - 1981
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Sega/Gremlin - 1981
Sega/Gremlin - 1982

Sega/Gremlin - 1982
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Sega/Gremlin - 1982
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