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 .: Arcade Machines Exhibition 2005 in Worms/Germany - Pictures :.
(Update 24. May 2018)

Pictures - Working Machines
Alien 3
Asteroids Cocktail (Atari)
CarnEvil (Midway)
Cool Riders  
Crossfire (Taito)
Cyber Cycles Twin
Dead or Alive (Tecmo)
Exterminator (Gottlieb)
Fighting Vipers (Sega)
Final Assault (Atari)
Future Flash
GTI Club
Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ (Konami)
Le Mans 24
Manx TT Twin
Maximum Force (Atari)
Monaco GP (Sega)
Mortal Kombat 3 (Midway)
Mortal Kombat 4 (Midway)
Of The Wall
Point Blank (Namco)
Pump it up The Prex 3 (Andamiro)
Rave Racer Twin
Road Riot 4rd Twin (Atari)
Sega Rally Twin
Side By Side Twin
Silent Scope
Space Duel (Atari)
Space Gun (Taito)
Sport Fishing 2 (Sega)
Star Wars Arcade Triology (Sega)
Super Off Road
Thunder Blade (Sega)
Virtual On Twin

Still to be tested (most likely they work until 4th November)
Cool Riders
Cosmic Alien
Daytona USA (4)
Lady Bug
Lethal Enforcers

Lost World Deluxe
Rolling Thunder
Space Panic
Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe

Alien  3

Asteroids Cocktail

Battlezone (not sure)


CarnEvil & Final Assault

Cool Riders

Cosmic Alien & Rolling Thunder

Daytona USA (4)

Future Flash

GTI Club

Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ

Fighting Viper & Dead or Alive &  *ortal *ombat


Le Mans 24

Lethal Enforcers

Manx TT (SEGA)

Maximum Force

Monaco GP

Off The Wall

Point Blank

Rave Racer

Side By Side

Silent Scope

Space Duel (Atari Vector)

Space Gun

Space Panic

Sports Fishing 2

Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe

The Lost World

Pump it up The Prex 3

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