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(Update 24. May 2018)

Arcade Machines Exhibition - Collectors Meeting in Worms/Germany 4.-6. November 2005

More than 40 Arcade Machines (from 1969 till 2003) could be seen and played .
Contacts: Andree Vossen & Andreas Kraemer
Date: 4. - 6. November 2005
Where: Fa. alpha electronic * Mainzer Str. 114 * 67547 Worms

You have missed these
Asteroids Cocktail (Atari), CarnEvil (Midway), Crossfire (Taito), Cyber Cycles Twin,  Dead or Alive (Tecmo), Exterminator (Gottlieb), Fighting Vipers (Sega), Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ (Konami), Manx TT Twin, Maximum Force (Atari), Monaco GP (Sega), Mortal Kombat 3 (Midway), Mortal Kombat 4 (Midway), Of The Wall, Point Blank (Namco), Pump it up The Prex 3 (Andamiro), Rave Racer Twin, Road Riot 4rd Twin (Atari), Sega Rally Twin, Space Duel (Atari), Space Gun (Taito), Sport Fishing 2 (Sega), Star Wars Arcade Triology (Sega), Super Off Road, Thunder Blade (Sega), Virtual on twin, War Final Assault (Atari), Cosmic Alien, Daytona USA (4), GTI Club, Side By Side Twin, Space Panic, Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe  (Arcade) and more...

See the pictures from Andre Vossen before the event - just click (3MByte)

If you're interested in such an next event, please let me know via email from 'Impressum'.

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