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(Update 24. May 2018)

Eliminator (SEGA/GREMLIN 1981)

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NEW (7. July 2006)

Game Info
Overview - Unique Space Shooter Vector Game from SEGA/GREMLIN, controlled with a four buttons, two for turning left & right, one for acceleration and one to fire energy bolts.

Description - Eliminator was available as a kit for the SEGA Convert-a-Game system. The kit was designed so that an operator could convert from one game to another by simply changing artwork, control panels, game cages (and possibly the orientation of the monitor) without having to re-wire the cabinet. All of this could be done from the front of the cabinet. The game is missing complety any side art. There is also a 2-Player and 4-Player Cocktail version, the latter very rarely to find.

Game Play to be added...

Cabinet Types - Upright (1981), Cocktail 2-Player, Cocktail 4-Player and 4-Player with canopy.
Go here for more & better pictures.

PCB(s) - All game PCBs are located in a card cage, accessible from the front of the machine. There are five boards, CPU, Sound, XY Timing, XY Control and the 48k EPROM board with 2716 chips. The CPU Board is unique for each of the SEGA G80 Vector Games in such that it contains a security chip which modifies data for a write instruction to RAM and also a specific Game EPROM. The security algorithm has been hacked and as such CPU boards from other G80 vector games can be used. The main processor is a Z80 running at ~4Mhz, ROM is 48k. The sound prozessor is an i8035. For more information go to the Manuals/Data Sheets or Repair/Restore section.

Monitor -
The Monitor is an Electrohome G08-003, a 19" color XY monitor. It is comprised of a 19" color tube (19VLUP22, the same as a WG6100), an Input Clamping Board, the XY Deflection Board, the Deflection Transistors on a heat sink, the HV Unit and the Neck Board. The G08-003 was known to be pretty unreliable. However there are known improvements. Also there are two components which are not easily availabe, one IC on the Input Clamp PCB and the HV transformer. Both need to be taken from a scrap G08 unit if they are defective. But compared to other XY games the HV transformer is  reliable. See the Repair/Restore section for the G08 FAQ.

Clones/Bootlegs  - 
not known

Prototypes  -  not known

Other Links
» Eliminator on K.L.O.V. ( The "Killer" List of Video Games) - www.klov.com
» Eliminator on Game Archive - http://www.gamearchive.com/....eliminator.html
» Upright & Cocktail Cabinets (2-Player / 4-Player)  - [link]
» Monitor Electrohome G08-001 & G08-003 - [link]

Manuals/Datasheets/Technical Info

Eliminator  - all  models
» Service and Operation Manual incl. Schematics  - [ link ]
G08-001 and G08-003 Monitor Operations and Service Manual incl. Schematics - Sega Manual  - Electrohome Preliminary
» Datasheets for electronic components - CPU Z80A - CPU i8035 - EPROM2716 - EPROM2708 - Static RAM 2114 - D/A Converter AD561J - D/A Converter AD7524 - TTL Logic 74LSxx


Repair Tips
» Electrohome G08 FAQ Version 1.1 (7. Oct. 2002) - http://www.ionpool.net/...G08_FAQ_v1.1.pdf
» SEGA G80 Hardware Reference (25. Oct. 1978) - http://www.ionpool.net/...G80ref_v12.txt
» The Sega Color XY Convert-a-Game System (12. Mar. 2002) - http://www.ionpool.net/...segaxysystem.html
» The Sega/Gremlin X-Y FAQ version 1.6 written by Mark Jenison - Sega XY FAQ 1.6

Restore Pages

» Mark Jenison's instruction on how to build a canopy for a 4-Player Cocktail - http://users.rcn.com/jenison/.../elim_canopy.txt

Cocktail Game Instructions -  http://www.ionpool.net/arcade/sega/Elim_cocktail.jpg

) - from www.ionpool.net

Roms are only for restoring boards back to life, not to use them on any emulator!!!
For the normal version of the ROMS you would need  22x2716 (no TMS2716!) and one 2708. For the security free version only 15x2716.
» Eliminator (2-player set 1)  -  [ link ]
» Eliminator (2-player set 2)  -  [ link ]
» Eliminator (2-player cocktail)  -  [ link ]
» Eliminator (2-player security free)  -  [ link ]
» Eliminator (4-player prototype)  -  [ link ]
» Eliminator (4-player prototype security free)  -  [ link ]
» Eliminator (4-player)  -  [ link ]
» Eliminator (4-player Free Play)  -  [ link ]


Spares - Generally have a look at the "Link Collection" section to find sources. I can help out with single electronic items, if you don't find them elsewhere. A non conclusive List is in the "Electronics / Parts" section.
Reproductions - I don't know of specific reproductions for this machine. Maybe this has changed. Have a look in the "Link Collection" section:
» not kown


» SEGA G80 Multigame (Clay Cowgill) - http://www.multigame.com/sega_mul.html
» SEGA G80 Rom Hack - replace all 2716 EPROMS by one 27512 - http://www.ionpool.net/....sega_rom_hack.txt
» SEGA Vector Multigame Speech Hack - http://www.ionpool.net/...Sega-speech-board-hack.html
» CoinOp Hack - http://www.ionpool.net/...sega_coin_hack.txt

Mixed Stuff

» How the SEGA security chip was de-crypted - http://www.ionpool.net/...security_hack.txt

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