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(Update 24. May 2018)

Hyperspace (Rumiano - Year?)

What's missing: Production #'s and Year. Dimensions/weight

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Game Info
Overview - Hyperspace is an Asteroids Clone in an Upright Cab. The game is listed here since 26. January 2006.Has been found in the Netherlands.

Description - see Original Asteroids (Atari).
UPDATE 14. October 2006
I got access to the cab now, took pictures and borrowed the PCB for dumping the ROMS and repairing it. The ROMS were no real surprise, the three game ROMs are identical to Asteroids Rev.01, only the Vector ROM at position NP3 is different. ROMs are available here. Using the ROMS in MAME reveals the logo "HYPERSPACE U GAMES" instead of "ASTEROIDS BY ATARI".

Cabinet Types - Upright (Year ???)

PCB(s) - The Main PCB is largely identical to the original from Atari. The test connector for the CAT BOX is missing. The PCB is labeled with "Hyperspace".

Monitor - The Monitor is a Hantarex b/w XY Monitor which is very common for european B/W Vector clones at this time.

Original  -
Asteroids (Atari)

Prototypes  -  not known

Other Links  -  not known
» Cabinet Pictures -  [ link ]
Hantarex Monitor MTRV -  [ link ]

Manuals/Datasheets/Technical Info

(Note: The documents in this section are mostly the original ones for the Atari Asteroids. As such they may be of help. The PCB should be almost identical.)
Hyperspace - Upright

» Asteroids Service and Operation Manual  -  TM-143 3rd
» Asteroids Schematics (Drawing Package in four pages)  -  DP-143 7th -01a -01b -02a -02b
» Asteroids Backdoor sheet from www.mikesarcade.com  -  Asteroids Backdoor Sheet
» Hantarex b/w XY Monitor Service and Operation w/schematics - Hantarex MTRV

Hyperspace  - Theory
» Theory of Vector Generators & Vector Monitors - The secret life of Vector Generators  -  The secret life of of Vector MonitorsProgramming the Vector GeneratorTheory of Vector Generators - AVG Description (Atari Internal) 5.2 MByte
» "A Hitchhikers Guide to the Atari Digital Vector Generator" ( Philip Pemberton, Dec. 2005) - [ PDF ]
» Asteroids Code Project (commented Asteroids saved from Guddlers Domain...)www.ionpool.net/....asteroids_code_project.html
» Datasheets for electronic components - CPU 6502A - EPROM2716 - PROM 82S129 - Static RAM 2114 - D/A Converter AD561J - TTL Logic 74LSxx


(Note: The tips/recommendations in this section are mostly for the Atari Asteroids. As such they may be of help or not)
Repair Tips
» Asteroids Troubleshooting Encyclopedia - http://www.ionpool.net/...asteroidsrepair.html
» Asteroids Troubleshooting Tips from Star Tech Journal - debug_ast.gif
» Three Asteroids Repair Logs from Guddlers Domain - http://www.guddler.co.uk/.....
» Two Asteroids Repair Logs from www.adestuff.nildram.co.uk - [ link ]
» Asteroids Signature Analysis Guide (CAT Box or Signature Analyzer req'd.) - http://www.ionpool.net/...asteroidsrepair.html
» ( B/W XY Monitor FAQ V1.2. - http://www.ionpool.net/...bw_vector_monitor_faq.pdf )

Restore Pages
» Asteroids Restore from Archer McLean (great!) - http://www.ionpool.net/...asteroids_retoration.html

Artwork  -  not known

» Hyperspace ROMs (4 times TMS2516, so non-TMS 2716 shall be usable) - hyperspace.zip


Reproductions not known

Spares - Generally have a look at the "Link Collection" section to find sources. I can help out with single items, if you don't find them elsewhere. A non conclusive List is in the "Electronics / Parts" section.
(Note: All things are for the Asteroids from Atari, UNTESTED!!!)
» Speedup Modification with hacks on the PCB (didn't test this!) - http://www.gamearchive.com/.....asteroids_speedup.txt
» More Firepower. ROM Modification from Clay Cowgill's site, quite new - http://www.multigame.com/six_bullet_hack.zip
» High Score Save Kit. Easy to install and works flawlessly! - arcadeshop.comInstallation Instructions

Mixed Stuff

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