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(Update 24. May 2018)

TAKE-OFF (Video Games GmbH 1980)

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Game Info
Overview - TAKE-OFF is a clone of the game  Rip Off from Cinematronics. TAKE-OFF was built by the German Company Video Games GmbH in Lich.

Description - TAKE-OFF is a one or two player action game that offers features guaranteed to capture and prolong player interest, an acceleratinf comopetitive level with clearly visible object and a team competition (against the machine) that allows players to combine scores as well as skills in defence against the enemy. The center of the playfield is occupied by a selectable number of fuel cells. The player commandeers a land craft that can be turned left or right or moved forward. The players try to protect the fuel cells against the invaders which come from different sides to steal them, by shooting the invaders or colliding with them before they can drag the fuel cells off the screen. As two players can play at the same time together against the computer, a team cooperation is needed in order to be successful.

Cabinet Types - Wall Cab, Cocktail (two versions, 'japanese' and 'normal') and an Upright. The upright version has jusr shown up in November 2007. The cabs were "Universally used Cabs and built by the Company Wolfgang Schubecker in Krodorf-Gleiberg (Germany).

PCB(s) - The CPU is almost a one2one copy of the Cinematronics PCB, only minor modifications were made in order to accomodate a slightly different Sound Board. The CPU board is made of far more than a 100 TTL chips, two 2k Roms and some TTL PROMS. There is no "CPU" Chip on there, instead some of the TTL chips form an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) which performs all the calculations and input/output. The whole game program is only 8K in size. The RAM ist 12 bits wide and made by 3 * 9101 static RAM chips. The smaller PCB is the Sound Board, no large scale integrated chips (like synthesizers). The handful of sounds are created by discrete Logic and their generation is triggered by the CPU via the output registers. On the sound board located is also a driving circuit for the speaker. Video Games GmbH needed to add two voltage regulators and the D/A conversion for the Hantarex XY monitor as it accepted only analog signals.

Monitor -
Monitor was a Hantarex MTRV black/white XY Monitor from Italy. 17" was commonly used.

Clone of 
RipOff (Cinematronics)

Prototypes  -  Not known

Other Links -  Not known

» Cocktail & Wallcab, Monitor, PCBs -  [ link ]
» Upright, Monitor, PCBs -  [ link ]
» Monitor Hantarex MTRV in detail  -  [ link ]

Manuals/Datasheets/Technical Info

TAKE-OFF - All Models
»   Service and User Guide (1 MByte) -  [ link ]
» Pinout CPU and Power Supply - [ link ]
Operation and Maintenance Manual of the original RIP OFF - Rip Off User Gzide
Monitor Operation and Maintenance Manual - Hantarex MTRV
» Theory for Vector Generators and Monitors (not a 100% fit for TAKE-OFF) - The secret life of Vector Generators  -  The secret life of of Vector Monitors -    Theory of Vector Generators
» Data Sheets for some electronic components -  EPROM2716 - Static RAM 9101 - D/A Converter DAC80-CBI-V - TL185 Analogschalter - TTL Logic 74LSxx


Repair Tips
»  BW XY Monitor FAQ V1.2. (not a 100% fit for TAKE-OFF) - http://www.ionpool.net/...bw_vector_monitor_faq.pdf
»  Cinematronics Repair Hints (usable for PCB) - Cinematronics Repair hints
»  Cinematronics CPU Exercisor (auf www.ionpool.net -  Courtesy of David Fish) - ImageSchematics - LayoutCable

» RipOff ROMS as .zip file (four 2716 EPROMs needed) - http://www.ionpool.net/arcade/cine/ripoff_roms.zip


Reproductions - not known for this game

Spares - Generally have a look at the "Link Collection" section to find sources. I can help out with single items, if you don't find them elsewhere. A non conclusive List is in the "Electronics / Parts" section.
Improvements/Add-ons - not known

Mixed Stuff

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